About the author

I’m a native of Columbia, South Carolina, and consequently I’m often subject to a nostalgic longing for boiled peanuts, Lizard’s Thicket restaurants and the sound of crickets at night. I relocated to New England in 1999 for employment. In 2005, love of my supportive husband drew me to Massachusetts, where we now live in a suburb south of Boston.

I’ve worked in I.T. for twenty years as an analyst and developer.

Now Available:

Even though The Disappearing Act is not the first book I’ve ever written, it is the first I have decided to publish.

About my writing

In elementary school, the teacher gave us all an assignment: write a story about a man who’d found the ability to disappear. I wrote and wrote and I haven’t put down a pen since. My various ideas, both profound and ridiculous, litter my house on napkins, paper scraps and notebooks.

About my influences …

Probably not the most appropriate reading material for a seventh-grader, but so it was.

I followed this up with Breakfast of Champions in high school, but didn’t do the book report, for which the school district was probably grateful.

As a pre-teen I discovered the sardonic universes of Kurt Vonnegut, which shaped my personality and outlook forever. In my adulthood I’ve been influenced by classic literature, comedy and speculative fiction. I can marvel at the creative genius of Margaret Atwood’s feminist literature one day and revel in Ray Bradbury’s allegories the next. With such literary heavyweights as my influences, I must confess to having read Groucho Marx’s autobiography three times. Never underestimate the value of well-written humor. A good laugh may not cure many ills, but it can make them the more bearable.

Other favorite books.