Work in Progress: The Redemption Seekers

cover by author

Sarah Chantrain Miller

At forty-five, Sarah has just lost the only family she’s ever had. Out there, somewhere, are two beautiful little girls she’ll never see again. Only wine will quiet the cries she hears every night – cries for the only mother they’ve ever known. Then her husband betrays the one secret he vowed never to tell: the lifetime of other voices Sarah heard long before the children were gone. Sarah wakes up from her most recent bender in a barred hospital room, alone.

Then Agnes comes along.

Agnes Broadchurch

Not even old enough to drink, Agnes makes the dangerous decision to abandon her affluent, lonely life and find the two complete strangers who can help her understand her visions: constantly evolving trees of possible and potential futures. For years she’d had these visions of the Trees, but she’s never fully understood them. If she had, she might not have risked her life just to find the two people who will help her.

But first she must convince them that they can.

Carter Turner

Carter was content to rot in Hell at the hands of his wife, his only love. It was the least he deserved and the only place he truly belonged. Yet, he finds himself released back into humanity, with no clue as to why or what he’s to accomplish. In less than a day, he’s face-to-face with Sarah, a confused, broken and enraged woman. Only hours later Agnes finds him, trusting him with their safety and their secrets. As unqualified as he thinks he is, he’s the one who will initiate Sarah and Agnes into the world they are about to enter, and help them fight enemies and monsters worse than Hell.

After all, he used to be one of them himself.