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What happens if the Stepmother had a good reason for every thing she did? What would those reasons be? I’ve often been fascinated with heroes masquerading as villains, and in “Step-Mother,” I play around with the traditional Snow White narrative to see if maybe the stepmother might have been the Good Guy.

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Creative commons license from pixabay, no credit required; not cover art.

“Elevator Music”

Film Short Script

What happens when differing and opposing traumas clash? When the perceived perpetrator is really another victim? Can we overcome anger and fear to discover a common ground to understand and respect the experience of The Other?

In “Elevator Music,” two people immediately see the oppressor and perpetrator in each other, only to find that their shared experiences strengthen them to face the harsh realities of a world that diminishes them both.


“Alien Defense League”

Short Story

from philEOS, free usage.

Veteran Frankie Masterson and his team fight monsters. They find them, they kill them; it’s what they do and they’re good at it. It’s easier than fighting in The Mineral Wars five was five years ago.

When Masterson’s team is sent on a “bug hunt” to a penal mining colony, it’s business as usual, until they realize The Mineral Wars aren’t over after all.